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Dr. Esthé Skin Solution Mask (Box of 5)

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Do you have clients that suffer from red, flushed, irritated skin? Are fluctuations in hormones or reactive skin to treatments causing your client's skin to look blotchy, uneven, and stressed?

This is the mask treatment that will help!

Dermatologically tested to sooth irritated skin helping skin to be in a relaxed state following a dermatology treatment.

This mask contains allantoin (healing, anti-inflammatory), centella asiatic extract (anti-oxidant), panthenol (heal wounds, regenerate cells, boost immunity), green tea extract (eliminate harmful active oxygenation in skin - anti-aging) and aloe vera leaf extract (healing, anti-aging, moisturizing).

How to Use

Cleanse skin, rinse well. Apply sheet mask evenly over face. Use a brush to spread any remaining essence in the packet over neck and décolleté for a spa-like treatment.

Soak in the soothing, calming ingredients for 15 - 20 minutes.

Pat dry and continue with your skincare routine.

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