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CBE Botanicals Just Say Spa - Face & Body Wash

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Retails for $48.00 (Large 16 oz bottle)

Christine's favorite face wash that was so good she packaged it in a large bottle to be used for face and body in the bath and shower!

Support your client's skincare journey by providing them with a luxurious body wash!

Just Say Spa Body Wash comes in a large 16-ounce pump bottle. This body wash has a lovely spa-like scent from essential oils of orange, geranium, and eucalyptus - no added fragrance! The natural scent of the ingredients does not leave a lingering scent on the body. This means it won't interfere or clash with any scented products your client is using.

Your clients will love the delightful moisturizing benefits and skin renewal from a blend of meadowsweet extract, combined with light exfoliation benefits from lactic acid found in willow bark extract and polysaccharides (water-binding agent with antioxidant properties) from honey extract. 

There's more delightfulness! It contains the inner gel of the aloe plant to further hydrate, along with the kola nut to sooth the skin. Lemon bioflavonoids and rosemary extract stimulates, and tones and the astringent qualities of horse chestnut makes it the perfect wash to support the cleanliness and health of your skin. And it's so gentle and nourishing, you can use it on your face too!

How to Use

Dispense an amount the size of a quarter and lather with wet hands or a dispense on a wet loofah to cleanse entire body. Rinse as usual. TIP: Follow with moisturizer while skin is slightly damp for the ultimate in a luxurious shower experience!

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