Sculplla H2 Cell Repair Cream (Single Units)

Use this to order less than 3 units.

Please note: This JAR version of this product will be discontinued when our inventory is gone. You will order the REFILL TUBE (200mL) instead. Customers can use straight out of tube or use tube to refill their jars. OR, the week of August 17th you can purchase the 50mL Cell Repair Cream in a small tube.

Korea has done it again! Just when I didn’t think the Sculplla line could get any better, they create something even more amazing. This luxurious, silky cream glides on and soaks deeply into the skin. With the very FIRST application your skin will be softer, clearer and more refined, and super hydrated!

The unique formula contains PLLA + 4GF + Snail Mucus Filtrate + PGA of Plant Collagen (Natto Gum). This means it is high-performance with multiple benefits and it’s suitable for ALL age correction needs.

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