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The Skin Games Competition

This page is to help you decide if entering The Skin Games competition is for you. It contains all the steps required so you can make an informed decision about participation. 

The Skin Games is skincare’s most prestigious competition and awards show. It is featured in the ASCP, American Spa, DermascopeSkin Inc., and The Gazette.

The Skin Games is not just a competition; it is an experience that will take your social media and business to the next level. 

You will be highlighted on The Skin Games Official Instagram account and be seen by over 65,000 people and growing. 

The Skin Games is your opportunity to step out of the treatment room and shine! It's an opportunity to showcase your specialty and allow your hard work to pay off. The empowerment and fulfillment of proving your skills are worthy of being on display and rightfully stand in their full glory.

The opportunity to showcase your passion is just one aspect of this competition. When you share your participation on social media, with your peers, your colleagues and clientele, you demonstrate you are not the typical esthetician... you are an extraordinary esthetician.

Winning this prestigious award helped raise the bar for my reputation and increased my credibility. The challenge itself pushed me to not only what I thought I was capable of doing - but far beyond it. I would do it all over again and that is why I'm inviting you to participate in The Skin Games 2022-23 in March of 2023.

But you must register NOW so you don't get left out. 

Get Registered - You get in The Skin Games by registering for the category(ies) in which you would like compete. As a Licensed Esthetician, you can compete in any available category.

For categories that do not need an Esthetics License anyone with a Certification or business card can register for the applicable category/categories. The Makeup Category is the only category that does not require a license.

These are the available categories:

  • Skincare
  • Makeup
  • Lash
  • Waxing
  • Sugaring
  • Selfie


Join one or more of the applicable The Skin Games Forums.

Joining the Facebook forums makes it easy to get information and help from current and past players, judges, and professional skincare brands.

Here’s all the links to the active The Skin Games Facebook Forums.

The Skin Games Esthetician Forum

The Skin Games Lash Artists Forum

The Skin Games Waxers Connect

The Skin Games Makeup Competition Forum

The Skin Games Roommates

The Skin Games Model Matchup


Once your registration has been submitted and payment made ($125), make sure to get one model per category.

A lot of contestants run a social media campaign in search of models. This search for model’s is a great way to popularize your business and let your regulars and community know that you are entering The Skin Games.

A lot of contestants often contact their favorite product line for product sponsorship that will be used for the case study in exchange for talking about their products in their video diaries.


Submit your Forms - You are required to submit the following:

PS: This will also be a good time to have a formal agreement between you and your model to ensure they follow your instructions to the letter throughout the 8-week program.


Video Diaries - You are expected to submit one video for each week of the 8-week journey.

You are encouraged to submit an introductory video for your entry where you can let judges know about your selection process and what you hope to achieve within the next eight weeks.

Access the Video Upload Page here

Watch an example of a good video entry here


Submit your After Picture - You are required to submit your after picture which should be taken either on the day of your eight treatment or on the last day of your eight week.

Here are some things to remember while taking your after picture:

  • Pictures must be taken in similar condition to the before pictures
  • Lighting must be as similar as possible to the before picture
  • Picture framing must be as similar as possible to the after picture
  • Picture must come with a newspaper print that shows the date or be taken with a date watermark camera
  • Picture must not be edited in any way.
  • If your phone comes with a beauty mode, please disable it before taking your pictures.
  • Submit your After Pictures of the treatment Journey

What are you waiting for? 


The Skin Games is an annual international competition for the skincare industry's top estheticians. After the 8-week case studies are submitted, finalists ae invited to live interviews held at the The Skin Games annual Education and Exhibitor's Expo, with winners announced at the event's LIVE Award Dinner Show.

Through participation in The Skin Games, estheticians market their skills and have better access to product companies. These companies in turn have the opportunity to showcase their products and prove results on an international stage. The year leading up to the event is filled with social media promotion, online video case study competition, and ongoing support anticipating the Industry's largest LIVE award show.

Will YOU be the next year's Esthetician of the Year and winner of the $10,000 prize? The Skin Games raises the bar for esthetics with this premier event for all those in the skincare industry.

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Expanded Categories

Lash Extension - Classic, Salon Volume, 4D, Mega Volume, 10D, Fantasy Lash
Makeup - Corrective, Bridal, Avant Garde, Selfie
Hair Removal - Legs, Brow, Online, Selfie
Other - Compassion, People's Choice, Spirit

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