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Curve Face and Body

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What is the difference between the Curve Face and Body and the Time Master Pro?

    • The Curve Face and Body is 4 modalities (technologies), instead of 3. The Curve Face and Body contains Ultrasound at 300,000 sound waves per second. The Time Master Pro is 90,000 sound saves per second. The Curve has RF (300 kHz). The Time Master Pro does not have RF. Both devices have LED. The Curve has very gentle Biomechanical vibration. The Time Master Pro has EMS which is more intense on the skin. The Curve is much larger than the Time Master Pro covering more area. However, the Time Master Pro is ideal for treating smaller areas such as the eye area, temples, cheeks, and forehead.
    Does the Curve Face and Body have a Warranty?
    • Yes, The Curve Face and Body has a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects. See warranty information here. Email support@christinebyer.com if you need to file a warranty claim.
    What does Ultrasound do when using the Curve Face and Body?
    • Ultrasound is sound waves (300,000/sec) which cause the tissue to vibrate at a cellular level. As a result, the fat cells under the skin "open" and the fat that comes out is directed into the lymphatics and drained. In addition, cell activity is measurably increased and this causes collagen formation to occur. The lower the frequency of
      the ultrasound, the deeper the effect of the cavitation on the fatty tissue.
    What does Radiofrequency do when using the Curve Face and Body?
    • RF – RADIO FREQUENCY (300KHz) The radio frequency waves cause selective heating of fat cells and collagen fibers. The electromagnetic radio frequency waves vibrate the water molecules in the tissue layers, creating frictional heat. This frictional heat induces warming of the connective tissue cells. This results in a tightening of the collagen and a renewal of the tissue - which is visible as a firming of the surface of the skin.
    What does the LED do when using the Curve Face and Body?
    • The red light LED (625nm) has a warming effect on tissues, tendons, and ligaments. This heat increases the blood circulation in the body and triggers healing processes. Muscle tension is eased and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues is improved. The red light stimulates the metabolism and the removal of toxins and undesirable metabolic deposits.
    What does the Biomechanical Vibration do when using the Curve Face and Body?
    • VIB – Biomechanical muscle stimulation sends gentle vibrations that work on muscle fibers and stimulate core muscle. The effects are particularly beneficial for speeding up metabolism by improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen to tissues - for smooth, healthy skin.
    Where can I use the Curve Face and Body?
    • The Curve Face and Body can be used on the lower face, neck, decollate, arms, breasts, belly, buttocks, hips, and legs.
    How is the Curve Face and Body powered?
    • DO NOT USE THE CURVE FACE AND BODY WHILE IT IS PLUGGED IN FOR CHARGING. UNPLUG FROM CHARGING BEFORE USING IT. The Curve Face and Body has an internal battery that requires charging. A USB charging cord is provided. The USB portion of the charging cord can be plugged into any USB device OR any AC adapter (like the one that comes with your cell phone or tablet) and plugged in for charging. A full charge takes 2.5 - 3 hours. The LCD panel displays a battery icon that indicates it is fully charged. It will begin to beep during use when the battery requires recharging. You can get about one hour of use before needing to recharge. It will recharge for at least 2 years with regular use at 15 minutes treatments 2 - 3 times a week.
    What are the contraindications for the Curve Face and Body?
    • Do not use the Curve Face and Body on injured skin.
    • Avoid using device for 1 hour after eating.
    • Do not over use this device to avoid overheating this device.
    • Stop using if you experience any unpleasant skin sensitivity.
    • Do not use in the areas of the mouth where metal fillings or braces are located to avoid unpleasant sensations.
    • Do not immerse in water and do not use while in a tub or shower.
    Is the Curve Face and Body safe?
    • When the Curve Face and Body is used according to the instructions, it is a safe device. Care must be taken to read instructions and use this device properly.