Welcome fellow Esties!

Let’s make 2023 your best year ever.


My skincare journey started with my love of beautifying others. From a young age I pampered anyone who'd let me. I drove my sisters crazy! That evolved into 20+ years in the Skincare industry.

In 2016 I thought it'd be fun to challenge my skills so I entered the 2016 Skin Games, an International competition. It was a stressful but an amazing experience. I placed 3rd out of 1,029 competing estheticians, and in the Top 7 for Age Management. Check out the video

This award was based on results from an 8-week case-study, before and after photos, an interview in front of a panel of judges (all skincare industry executives) and some other factors. This is a MAJOR accomplishment and not something the average esthetician ever gets to do. I'm glad I put my skills on the line and I am proud of this achievement.

It's never been enough for me to learn something and only use it in my studio to WOW my clients. I love sharing what I learn and I've chosen to do that on my YouTube channel and in my Club. I want to make it possible for anyone to not only take advantage of leading edge products and technology, but to learn PRO techniques they can use at home. As I read posts from my fans about how they love how they look, after using my tips, or buying a product, and seeing results, it brings me great joy.

I will be a skincare student for life but my education began with my degree from MEDART SCHOOL OF ESTHETICS in Miami, FL. I did my post graduate study at the International Dermal Institute, known as the Harvard of post-graduate education for professional Estheticians.

I regularly attend Dermalogica classes founded by Jane Wurwand (from England) where the motto is, “no harmful ingredients to the skin” and my education doesn’t stop there. The list of classes and continuing education is a long one (read the list here) – and I will continue to grow because I aspire to keep bringing you ONLY THE VERY BEST in products and technology so you are empowered to age gracefully.

I've spent thousands of hours filming educational and informative videos on how-to topics ranging from using various technologies, to facial contouring massage with the ANMA, to LED and PRO quality skincare products, and more. I do this because I want viewers to get PROFESSIONAL advice, not misleading information by well-intentioned amateurs, many who've never touched a face or taken any formal training.

I continue to maintain my skills and knowledge. In spite of my busy schedule, it’s not unusual for me to board an airplane to receive advanced training and education from around the world - and then share this knowledge with my fans.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me.

Cheers to your skincare journey! 



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