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Pilleo Facial Filler Mask Treatment (Full Kit-25 Facials)

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(Formerly SculPLLA from the House of PLLA- HOP) When your client needs wrinkle plumping and a super charge of collagen, this EXCLUSIVE Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) Mask Treatment will be your new BFF.

This is PRO GRADE PLLA and is the highest quality PLLA available on the market.  

THIS IS NOT THE AVERAGE MASK TREATMENT. This is an advanced treatment your clients will LOVE!

In addition to Poly L Lactic Acid [PLLA], it contains peptides like EGF (boosting even more collagen production), skin brighteners that will lightening up age spots, and it will tighten pores, reduce blackheads, and of course it has the plumping effect (think non-invasive filler) with no down-time! PLLA enables the penetration of the anti-aging ingredients such as caffeine and niacinamide into the dermis which creates a plumping effect that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

The cell fit sheet mask contains encapsulated hydrogen with additional active ingredients and together with the ingredients in the serum, provide a treatment like no other. 

I strongly recommend you take a BEFORE picture. Then an AFTER picture following each treatment. This is ensure subtle changes over time are REVEALED! Be sure to do both pictures with no makeup, same bright light and same pose,  

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  • Magic Cell Lab Sheets – 1 box contains 5 packages of 5 = 25 sheet masks
  • Cell Fit Serum Ampoule – 5 bottles of serum, each bottle containing serum for 5 treatments (total 25 treatments).
  • FREE Stem Cell Mist - One bottle FREE

One treatment can last for 6 weeks and a series of treatments done a week apart can last for 5 months.

Here’s how I price for RETAIL:

$225 per treatment or 3 for $625 or 5 for $1,000 (one per week). The lowest allowable price by the manufacturer is $150 for a single treatment.

To Achieve Maximum Results:

  1. Cleanse and dry client’s skin before treatment.
  2. Assemble the Magic Cell Lab Sheets and make any adjustments by trimming to fit client.
  3. Prepare the Cell Fit Ampoule (bottle) by shaking well before use. Recommended usage: 1 ml on upper face, 1.5 ml on lower face, 1.5 ml on neck. Total 4 ml per full treatment of face and neck. (Bottle contains 20 ml.)
  4. Beginning at forehead, apply 1 ml of Cell Fit Ampoule, then apply the prepared Magic Cell Lab sheet.
  5. Spray the Mask LIGHTLY with Stem Cell Mist to ensure proper seal to achieve maximum results. Don't over spray or cell fit sheet will disintegrate.
  6. Repeat on remaining areas of face and/or neck.
  7. Allow serum and mask to dry for 30 minutes. Hint: You may use a fan to speed drying, especially in humid climates - BUT don't over dry or sheet mask will be painful to remove. You can also use LED instead of fan but be careful not to overheat or mask removal will be harder.
  8. GENTLY remove Magic Cell Lab Mask. it is normal to feel a little discomfort which is necessary for serum absorption. Any discomfort stops after removal.
  9. LIGHTLY spray client’s face and/or neck with Stem Cell Mist and gently pat in to ensure absorption.
  10. Recommend the purchase of Stem Cell Mist ($90 Retail), CaviPLLA ($200 Retail) or Cell Repair Moisturizer ($140 Retail) to your client as part of their home care and to prolong the results while keeping the skin plump and hydrated.

One treatment can last for 6 weeks, and a series of treatments done a week apart can last for 5 months.

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