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Exoderm® Pure Hydrogel Mask (Box of 5)

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When you want a mask that is pure anti-aging and hydration with no chance of overly stimulating actives, this is the mask to choose. 

Exoderm® Pure Hydrogel Mask was confirmed in testing by the Global Medical Research Center, Co. Ltd to have a near 0% irritation factor. This means even the most sensitive of skin can tolerate this mask. Hypoallergenic raw material in a non-mesh application. 

Exoderm® Pure Hydrogel Mask has a high level of moisture content. Once attached to the skin, with its sense of cooling, calms down heat leading to redness and uneven skin tone, and provides moisture essential for recovery. In the testing phase, the Exoderm® Pure Hydrogel mask showed an 11.3% increase in moisture after one application, and 58.36% after 4 weeks of application.

Gentle Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid - HA occurs naturally in skin but can decrease as we age. HA draws in moisture 1000 times its weight to maintain skins outer layers protecting skin from external irritants.

Hydrolyzed Collagen - Bioengineered from fish, hydrolyzed collagen is absorbed into the skin quickly to strengthen skin making it more ample and protected.

Botanicals like Centella Asiatica Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, and Elm Bark Extract prohibit over stimulation while providing skin calming and anti-aging benefits.

Difference in Design

The Exoderm® Pure Hydrogel Mask responds to the temperature of skin to deliver ingredients deep into the skin. The design of the mask allows ingredients to stay closer to the skin adhering snuggly and more uniformly while it is being worn. With only an upper and lower layer to place, it is fast and easy to apply. 

This is a mask that will stay in place. There are times when you want to pamper yourself with a bubble bath while using a mask. There are other times when you want a mask that stays in place so you can busy yourself while it works. I love how this mask doesn't  slide down your face as it is worn.

How to Use

Remove mask from the package. Easy to handle with top and bottom separated for each of application. Separate upper and lower sections. Apply upper section, then lower section. Leave on for 15-minutes and remove. Simply pat skin and move on to next step in your skincare routine.

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