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  • What are Your Value-Added Extras?

    What are Your Value-Added Extras?

    Let's face it, this business is competitive! If you don't know how to STAND OUT, your business could languish or clients won't be compelled to return.  

    No doubt you've heard you have to carve a "niche" for yourself by offering a service others don't or specialize in certain treatments. Some of us feel like we're never going to stand out because  we are not a natural born superstar. 

    Did you know there's one more way you can STAND OUT in this crowded space? You do it by creating your "Value Added" extras and making them available to your clients.

  • Are Home Use Devices Good for Business?

    Are Home Use Devices Good for Business?

    One of the most challenging parts of being an esthetician is having leading edge technology, so our clients leave the treatment studio looking like a million dollars. And, of course, we want them to keep coming back for the PRO level treatments we offer. So, is a home use device counterproductive to this?

    Let us explore...

  • Is it a Hobby or a Business?

    Is it a Hobby or a Business?

    In the final article of the Building Revenue Series, I want to pose this question.

    Are you operating a hobby or a business?

    In case you're wondering why I'm asking this question, I'll explain. Most of get into this business because we love nurturing others. We spend most of our time thinking about how to make our clients look great and feel better about themselves.

  • What to say when a client asks, "Why SculPLLA?"

    What to say when a client asks, "Why SculPLLA?"

    I've spent a lot of time learning about skin and the anatomy of the face, neck, and décolleté. This put me on the path that led me to the amazing results found when using top quality PLLA (poly-l-lactic acid). And not just any PLLA. House of PLLA (HOP, formerly SculPLLA). HOP Facial Filler Mask treatment is not just a mask. It's so much more! Here's why...

  • 5 Tips to Increase Product Sales

    5 Tips to Increase Product Sales

    If you’ve ever said, “I do not have sales skills. I cannot sell products”, or you get the sense you have to be pushy to sell, please read this article.

    You do not have to turn into a sleazy car salesman to sell products. The fact is, you don’t have to have sales experience at all for customers to purchase products from you. 

    Explore the first article in the Building Revenue Series - Selling without selling!