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Working with the Upper, Middle, and Lower Face in Esthetics

A fantastic technique I use with my clients is examining the face in sections. This means looking at the upper face, mid face, and lower face anatomy of each client. Of course, the neck and décolleté are also important, but in this article we're covering the face.

Looking at the face in three sections helps us determine what each part of the face needs. Why does this matter? Because each section experiences change in the skin, fat padding, muscle, lymph drainage, and fascia differently.

For example, the upper face, especially the forehead region, has superficial fat vs deep fat. The frontalis muscles will impact what is happening here. This means it will show aging due to volume loss in the superficial fat and repeated facial expressions may pull and scrunch the muscles impacting the way the look of skin on the forehead. This shows up as forehead wrinkles and creases. Release work done in this area is of particular importance. If you look at the muscle image below, you’ll notice these muscles extend into the scalp area. That is why I recommend massaging the scalp as part of the release work. Microcurrent and ultrasound following vectors will help here. 

The eye area has the thinnest skin on the human body so this area must be handled with delicacy. Quality eye creams and serums are specially designed to prevent additional thinning. The HOP line with PLLA fills this need very well. Release work done in this area MUST be with feather-light pressure. Microcurrent (i.e. Eye Rejuvenator) and/or ultrasound in this area can help to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles.  

Next let’s look at the mid face which begins at the lower eye and ends above the lip. The nose area makes up a sizable portion of this region and it (the nose) often has little to no fat padding. A little extra cleansing here will keep pores at their smallest. The multi-dimensional positioning of muscle and skin in the cheek area can create wrinkles at different angles. That is why I share so many tips for release work in this area using manual facial contouring massage. Microcurrent for lift and tone is beneficial here along the vectors.

And finally, the lower face takes in the lips, chin, and jaws. The muscles in this area of the face are close together resulting in issues from repeated facial expressions, aging, tech neck, and gravity in general.

In addition to the above, loss of collagen will present with thinning skin, sagging, and unattractive folds. The work we do here is to lift and tone to undo the downward pull of gravity. Using microcurrent regularly with release work can lift and tone this area.

As we perform release work, apply high performance skincare products and use high-tech devices, after we have carefully examined our client's face, we can produce amazing PRO results. Our job is done when clients look great and feel better about themselves.