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Will hair removal affect results of a PLLA Facial?

I'm often asked if hair removal will affect the results of a SculPLLA facial filler mask treatment. In this blog article I address this and share recommended hair removal methods to avoid sabotaging results.

The hair follicle is necessary for PLLA to penetrate and build up in the skin. If hair is removed down to the root, PLLA cannot penetrate to the deepest level. In other words, PLLA has nothing to hold to for the building process of this treatment if you remove the hair follicle down to the root. 

Therefore, hair removal to the root will negatively impact PLLA facial results. Some results will still occur but not as significantly. This means no waxing, tweezing, depilatory chemicals, or epilators while undergoing PLLA facial filler treatments. 

Dermaplaning or electric razor would be the recommended method for removing unwanted facial hair while undergoing a PLLA facial or PLLA series. These methods of hair removal only removes hair from the surface. This means PLLA still has something to hold on to and results can continue to build.

The PLLA facial filler mask treatment found on this website contains pro grade strength ingredients not found in any other PLLA products. Results from this treatment are faster (vs using support products alone), last longer, and results can be amazing.

If the PRO treatment isn't available, the supporting PLLA products (CaviPLLA, Promoter Cell Repair Cream, Stem Cell Mist) are the next best thing for a PLLA routine. These topical applications are for home use. They contain effective anti-aging formulas with the same PLLA, although not at pro grade strength.

These home use products require consistent daily use for results to build. The same hair removal options are recommended while doing any PLLA skincare routine.

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