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What's High Performance Skincare?

When your clients are searching for skincare they'll find thousands of choices so it can be overwhelming! The last thing they want to do is waste time and money on products that do not get results.

That's why you owe it to them to provide high performance skincare and that's what you can get at Christine Byer Enterprises. These carefully curated high performance products are chock full of active ingredients designed to treat a specific skincare problem, and in some cases, multi-task to treat a variety of skincare problems. They are not watered down versions manufactured for the masses. This ensures the finest ingredients and leading edge formulations. 

Another aspect of high performance products is, if you're trying to treat lack of moisture, you'll want ingredients that not only hydrate skin but bioactive ingredients in formulas able to affect the structure and function of the skin. Namely, the epidermis (the outermost layer), dermis (middle layer), and hypodermis (the undermost layer). 

A high performance skincare product will address both hydration and moisturization for the entire structure of skin. Hydration as it refers to water content of the skin. Moisturization as it refers to the skin's ability to retain water molecules. Therefore, high performance products will contain the moisturizing agent ingredients and barrier repair ingredients necessary for this delicate balancing act.

High performance products at CBE are a combination of the best in science and botanicals using the highest quality of antioxidants, anti-aging, hydroxy acids, skin brightening agents, photo-protection, and vitamins.

I don't load my store with every product under the sun because I am committed to finding the best products . This means you can count on finding high performance products and leading edge technology your clients will love.