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What to say when a client asks, "Why SculPLLA?"

One thing I've learned over the years is, I have a limited amount of time with a client so what I do *has* to make a difference. This means every product I use MUST contain ingredients that work. I've spent a lot of time learning about skin and the anatomy of the face, neck, and décolleté. And, I've thoroughly researched product ingredients. This research is what put me on the path that led me to the amazing results found when using top quality PLLA (poly-l-lactic acid). And not just any PLLA. I've tried many.

The company I've found to be a leader in the highest quality of ingredients in skincare is SculPLLA, now called House of PLLA. 

You can tell your clients this product is backed by clinical studies at the P&K Skin Clinic Research Center and was found to improve fine lines and deep wrinkles around the eyes and forehead immediately and this benefit continued to increase 2 weeks following a treatment. It significantly improves hydration, brightens the skin, and reduces sebum and blackheads. SculPLLA H2 Facial Filler Mask treatment is unlike any sheet mask system.

I've experienced first hand the amazing results of PLLA in skincare but for it to be effective it must be combined in a formula that allows for optimal penetration and hydration. That's where SculPLLA H2 outshines the knock-offs.

In addition to containing the highest grade of PLLA, it also contains the highest percentage in the formula with supporting ingredients for maximum penetration. Even the Cell Fit mask sheet creates synergy with the skin for benefits unmatched by any other sheet mask system.

The product is EXCLUSIVE to Licensed Estheticians because it is a PRO Grade product designed to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Skin will continue to improve in the days and weeks following the treatment. When you enroll your clients in a series of treatments, the results will build in a way that is unlike any other treatment. 

Watch me give this treatment to a client here: