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What are Your Value-Added Extras?

Let's face it, this business is competitive! If you don't know how to STAND OUT, your business could languish or clients won't be compelled to return.  

No doubt you've heard you have to carve a "niche" for yourself by offering a service others don't or specialize in certain treatments. Some of us feel like we're never going to stand out because we are not a natural born superstar. 

Did you know there's one more way you can STAND OUT in this crowded space? You do it by creating your "Value Added" extras and making them available to your clients.

Value-add is the additional features or economic value that we add to our products and/or services before offering them to clients. Adding value to a product or service helps us attract and retain more customers, which can boost revenue and profits.

One of the easiest ways to add value to our services is by adding an extra step (or product) to a regular treatment at no additional charge.

For example, when a client asks for a microcurrent treatment, you can create a value-add by including the Eye Rejuvenator Microcurrent device (new in the online store) in the eye area as a value-added feature on a facial. The "extra" TLC to the eye area with a high tech device as soothing and effective as the Eye Rejuvenator Microcurrent adds value to your service.

Another great value-add is offering a cellulite reduction treatment on the arms while a client getting a SculPLLA Facial Filler Mask treatment waits for the mask to dry, using the Curve Face and Body.

Offering this little goodie is a great way to get a client to enroll in a series of SculPLLA treatments. The clients leaves your studio feeling they received extra value. Plus, it lets them see the effectiveness of the device so they'll want to purchase one for use in the privacy of home.

This also helps the client feel more comfortable with the standard SculPLLA Facial Filler Mask treatment rates of $225 per treatment or 3 for $625 or 5 for $1,000 (one per week).

The options are unlimited for you to create YOUR Value-Add extras. Create yours today! These little perks will keep clients coming back and they'll tell all their friends about you!