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These Tips Will Bring Clients Back

We cannot treat clients in person during the Covid-19 crisis but we can still connect with them. This is especially important now more than ever. If you want client’s to come back, stay loyal to you, and know that you genuinely care, don’t go MIA – demonstrate you care!

  1. Send a personalized email with treatment tips your clients can use from home to keep the momentum going. Feel free to share my YouTube videos – or use them to gather content tips. I have A LOT of how-to tips you can share! If you have a large email list, use the free version of Mailchimp (up to 2,000 emails) to send your message.
  2. Mail a postcard to your client and make it a coupon (for example, 25% off one treatment) they can use when you open. Show them you’re thinking of them. VistaPrint has special deals to make this an inexpensive project and you can use templates so no design skill is needed. Include your contact information so they’ll have it handy when you are back in business.
  3. Pick up the phone and call your clients- or if they’ve given you permission – send a text! Find out how they’re coping and, remind them how important good self-care is to our ability to cope during this difficult time. 
  4. Spend time putting together your “safe practices” and then share this with your clients in an email or on social media. For example, remind your clients, as Esthetician’s we’re professionally trained to use proper and safe hygiene. Let them know you’ll be wearing a mask and you won’t have others within 6 feet of them during the visit. Assure them you are changing out and/or sanitizing anything that comes into contact with another human, including you, in between appointments. 
  5. Take this time to pump up your social media presences. Post tips on your social channels and keep followers up-to-date on when you’ll be open for business.

By reaching out NOW when they are not spending money with you, shows you care about them, and not just their money.

PS: I understand you may be scared for your safety or the safety of your family. This just means we have to think this through and take the necessary steps to be safe. Of course, the choice is yours if you are ready to open your business and only you know what is best for you and your family. 

PPS: Want a safe place to talk about your concerns? Join me in the Christine Byer Beauty Club. I have a PRIVATE Group inside the Club for Licensed Estheticians. Think of it as a private lounge in the Club where PROS hang out. Subscribe FREE for 14-Days and meet other estheticians, post questions, and learn more!

Extra steps you can take to protect yourself…

  • If you don’t wear glasses, pick up some clear safety goggles to protect your eyes from a sneeze or cough. 
  • Wear disposable gloves throughout the appointment and toss them out after each client.
  • Pick up some extra protective aprons that cover you well and put it in the laundry after each client.
  • Use an aerosol disinfectant spray to clean the air after clients leave and open a window to the outside to let in fresh air.
  • Stay grateful for the simple things because our immune systems function better when we practice gratitude.
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