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Services to Avoid While Client is Getting PLLA Treatments

Understanding how PLLA works will help in deciding what services you should avoid while your client is undergoing PLLA Facial Filler Mask treatments.

These products contain an ingredient called PLLA (poly-l-lactic acid) . In fact, it contains the very best quality of PLLA available on the market. Sourcing this ingredient is time consuming and costly but well worth it for the results we’re seeing through the Facial Filler Mask Treatment and the daily use of Caviplla Multi-Serum, Stem Cell Mist, and Promoter Cell Repair Cream.

Beware of Knock Offs

As you know, there’s plenty of less expensive products out there touting PLLA as an ingredient but we all know you get what you pay for. When I’ve tried many of those products the results were “meh” and sometimes no results at all occurred. That’s why I’m a die hard K Beauty fan.

I digress…In addition to PLLA, the formulation of these products combines ingredients that support the skin for effective age management.

How PLLA Works

PLLA products are designed to build up on the skin by way of penetrating into the skin via the hair follicles on the face. The ingredients attach to follicles and then into the dermis where it can stimulate collagen production. This is super effective!

Services to Avoid

Services using harsh chemical exfoliation and/or removing the hair follicle to the root will prevent this process from occurring. This means, while your client is getting PLLA treatments, and during the 5 months following a series of treatments, you would not do deep peels, harsh scrubs, deep exfoliation, epilation, or depilation, fibroblast, or any procedure that will strip the product out of the hair follicles. Instead you will pamper the skin with supporting PLLA products, moisturizing masks, and use devices that lift and tone and further stimulate collagen production like microcurrent, ultrasound, and LED. A gentle exfoliator like CBE Botanicals Get Glowing will do surface exfoliation and will not penetrate too deep.

Increase Results

I encourage my clients to purchase a bottle of Caviplla Multi-Serum and Stem Cell Mist and to use them daily to further support the collagen production of PLLA treatments.

With the addition of the Promoter Cell Repair, I recommend adding it after Caviplla and before the Stem Cell Mist. This trio is a powerful injection of PLLA into aging skin.

TIP: Promoter Cell Repair is meant to be used with your favorite moisturizer. All the accelerated work happening in the skin with PLLA  products can create dryness UNTIL collagen production balances and the skin begins to glow. Don’t give up when this happens, just add some moisture and watch the skin transform.

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