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SculPLLA Facial Filler Mask vs Injectable Filler

I was recently asked, "Why would someone choose a Sculplla Facial versus a Filler Injection?"

Here's what I said, "A Sculplla Mask has a very panoramic result. I find it beats filler around the mouth, where ordinary filler can give a chipmunk-y look to the face. Also, Sculplla rejuvenates the skin on top, giving a glow and aliveness to whole face, neck, and chest. I typically cut the neck sheet in half and use it on the top part of the chest. This kind of result isn't possible with a filler and would be very expensive to try."

To expand upon this, I'm not opposed to the use of injectable filler. I think every woman needs to make choices right for her. But for the needle averse, or those who want to embrace aging gracefully in a natural way, the Sculplla Facial Filler Mask treatment is an effective way to go.

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