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Preparation - Facial Filler Mask Treatment Protocol

Less is more when preparing the skin for a House of PLLA (HOP - formerly SculPLLA) Facial Filler Mask treatment for the best results. Understanding this and how to prep the skin will increase the benefits your client will get from this PRO treatment.

Knowing what NOT to do as it concerns this treatment is equally important. Continue reading to learn the PRO skin prep techniques I use for the HOP Facial Filler Mask treatment. 

To Exfoliate or Not Exfoliate?

I have found an 8% glycolic acid exfoliation is the most effective way to prep the skin just prior to treatment. If your client is taking great care of her skin, there may be no need for an exfoliation. You can proceed without it.

IMPORTANT: If you feel an exfoliation is needed, choose ONLY ONE exfoliation method in preparation for the HOP Facial Filler Mask treatment.

Minimize TEWL

The client will go through 3 days (or so) of trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) due to the activity of the potent mask. You don't want to increase TEWL by overworking the skin.

Another option for exfoliation prior to the HOP Facial Filler Mask treatment, a light derma plane to remove the vellus hair on the face is fine but avoid any deep exfoliation prior to the HOP Facial Filler Mask treatment.

If you choose to derma plane, skip the light 8% lactic acid peel.

To Microneedle or Not Microneedle?

Microneedling at the time of HOP Facial Filler Mask treatment will not enhance the PLLA results.

Sure, microneedling creates a channel for PLLA absorption, but PLLA needs the hair follicle with the root to penetrate deeply. Microneedling in the same session as this treatment is not recommended. Ingredients in the HOP Facial Filler Mask treatment could also irritate any broken skin if done in the same treatment. Skincare products are not meant to enter the blood stream.

INSTEAD...perform one microneedling treatment per month for three months for general antiaging. This is a great way to prep the skin ahead of time.

Wait one week after the last microneedling treatment before starting a HOP Facial Filler Mask series. 

Avoid Heat

Do not perform any treatment that is HIGHLY heat-based.  For example, no radio frequency or IPL. If for some reason during a series it is necessary, only do so sparingly. This goes back to avoiding TEWL and to overworking the skin.

No Harsh Abrasives

Do not perform a highly abrasive treatment to the skin, such as fibroblast or deep peels. Heat and highly abrasive actions may remove the hair follicle at the root which will degrade the benefits. While not completely, it will reduce the amount of PLLA that gets into the skin. The reason this is PRO ONLY mask is the potency of the ingredients.

To Microdermabrasion or Not?

Do not do a microdermabrasion prior to PLLA treatments, especially during a series of HOP Facial Filler Mask treatments.

The goal is to allow the PLLA products to build up by way of penetrating into the skin via the hair follicles on the face. Microdermabrasion is too rough and will counter the building process.

NOTE: It would be best to incorporate microdermabrasion leading up to the treatment in the weeks prior as a way to prep the skin. Wait a week after the last microdermabrasion before giving a PLLA treatment.

Summary for HOP Facial Filler Mask Preparation

  • Only one method of light exfoliation should be performed.
  • A light derma plane to the vellus hair on the face is fine but skip 8% light acid peel if doing so.
  • No microneedling during a PLLA treatment but a series of one per month for three months is a great prep technique.
  • No harsh chemical peels immediately prior to a PLLA treatment.
  • Refrain from using retinoids, in any form, 72 hours prior to treatment.
  • Avoid harsh exfoliation at least 72 hours prior to treatment.
  • Avoid sun and tanning beds 72 hours prior to treatment.
  • No microdermabrasion immediately prior to a PLLA treatment.

As with anything new, there is a learning curve. Trust your knowledge about your clients skin and make adjustments as needed.

Not all results will be instantaneous.

Some will see immediate plumping and skin tone improvement. Most will see changes around day 7. Then as the weeks go by and collagen increases, your clients skin will become smoother, healthier, and more youthful looking.

ENCOURAGE YOUR CLIENTS TO TAKE A BEFORE, AND THEN AN AFTER PICTURE WEEKLY. The changes from week to week will be subtle so capturing them like this is the best way to see them.

PLLA will continue to build in the skin for months and months with a series, so long as the client doesn't perform harsh treatments at home.

One More Thing

Due to no known contraindications, the HOP Facial Filler Mask treatment does not require a special intake form. Just use your regular intake questionnaire. Don't have one? You can use mine as a guide, it is found here