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My Top 3 Secrets to Business Growth

I’ve been in this business for 20+ year and the first 15 years were filled with struggle. I shudder to even think about it. The struggle was not fun but it has made me incredibly grateful for the success I’m experiencing.

I learned a lot along the way. I’m going to share a few of my secrets with you. Hopefully, you can take these secrets and turn them into cornerstones for your growth and success.

Here we go…

Secret # 1 - Ongoing Education

I didn’t stop learning when I got my degree at the MedArt School of Esthetics in Miami, FL. I immediately did post graduate study at the International Dermal Institute, known as the Harvard of post-graduate education for skincare therapists.

That’s not all. Every year for the past 20+ years I’ve sought out classes & courses, seminars & webinars, workshops, and tradeshows. I’ve read countless books and manuals to build a knowledge base. Between this ongoing education and working it in the studio, I’ve developed my treatment protocols and best practices. I also learned to "think outside the box" from client to client because this isn't a one size fits all situation. 

If we want to attract clients who are willing to pay what we’re worth, we must invest in our ongoing education. It's a mistake to let our knowledge go stale. We live in a time when access to knowledge is easier and faster than ever before. There is no excuse for not expanding our knowledge base.

  • Find courses/classes on topics you want to learn.
  • Seek out seminars/webinars/workshops and enroll.
  • Get in some great Facebook Groups or Coaching Groups and ask questions.
  • Buy books online (buy used to save money) and read, read, read!
  • Go to tradeshows (some are online now so you don’t have to travel)

Make continuing education part of your business plan!

Secret #2 - Use Social Media to Spread the Word

For me, this started with YouTube videos. I’m 75% self-taught in how to do videos and (guess what) I’ve taken some classes to learn more. <grin>

I understand making YouTube videos isn’t for everyone. Your success is not limited to YouTube, but I recommend learning how to take advantage of social media to introduce yourself to the world. 

I could only get so far doing everything myself so this didn’t really take off for me like I knew it could until I hired someone to help. In 2018 I hired an assistant. She put an infrastructure in place that allowed growth to occur. Then she created and implemented a marketing strategy. As the business continued to grow, we added a dedicated social media professional to the team. She has taken my social media presence to the next level. Together, we developed a marketing engine that has allowed my business to grow by leaps and bounds.

You can begin right where you are. It doesn't have to be perfect. Perfect never starts. You just have to do it! 

Start by deciding how you want to present your business to your community and to the world. What’s your mission and your unique message? And then develop a look and image and share it in a consistent and methodical way on social media channels. Kathy has taught me that being consistent and methodical (not being perfect) at marketing is how to succeed at it.

Secret # 3 - Offering Retail Products

We are limited by the number of clients we can serve in one day, one month, one year and so forth. Product sales creates a revenue stream that bypasses the limitations in hours we are available to serve clients.

At first this feels a little scary. You might think if you sell products and home-use devices they won’t need your services, but the opposite is true. When you sell products and devices, you create a partnership with your client, and you give her value-added support. She still needs the advanced treatments you provide like the HOP (formerly SculPLLA) Facial Filler Mask treatments, and treatments they cannot get anywhere else and can only be delivered by a licensed professional. The pampering they experience from a facial can never be replaced so this is not something to be afraid of.

Over the years I’ve been able to create revenue from product sales that has paid for family vacations, allowed my family to live in comfort, provide the best school for my daughter, create a retirement plan, and generate income for my team members doing work they love.

So, when I encourage you to purchase products to sell to your clients, it truly is to help you build the kind of business in which you too can make your dreams come true.

There’s much more I’d like to share about the secrets to my business growth. Stay tuned to your email as I keep sharing nuggets of knowledge you can use to grow your business. I invite you to share this article with your esthetician friends and colleagues.