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How does the SculPLLA Facial Filler Mask Treatment work?

Learn the secret to how SculPLLA Facial Filler Mask Treatment works so you can create the magic in this luxurious treatment. Your clients will be spell bound by the results. 

It begins with the very best quality collagen-boosting PLLA available on the market. Not all PLLA is the same. Sourcing this ingredient is time consuming and costly for the manufacturer. Your clients will agree it is well worth it. Knock-off PLLA products simply do not get the results clients are seeing with the SculPLLA Facial Filler Mask Treatment. 

PLLA works by attaching itself to the hair attached to the hair follicle allowing it to penetrate deep into the skin. With each successive treatment, PLLA builds to create a collagen boosting, skin firming, wrinkle smoothing results.

The PRO GRADE formula has additional top secret anti-aging ingredients made available only to licensed estheticians.

In addition to the PRO treatment, when your clients use of CaviPLLA Multi-Serum, Stem Cell Mist, and Promoter Cell Repair Cream on a daily basis, they extend the life of the treatment for even more filler-like results.

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