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HELP! My client’s skin is dry following a PLLA Facial Filler Mask treatment!

First things first. Don't panic. In fact, you will want to prepare the client of this possibility ahead of time so they know what to expect. Some dryness is quite normal and doesn't mean the treatment isn't work. This actually means it IS working.

The dryness might last 1 - 3 days and it is a result of trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) because of the activity of the mask.

PLLA makes the skin work hard to produce collagen. If no preparation was done in the week's prior to the treatment, or a client lacks hydration in the body, or already had dry skin, the skin on the face may be drier than usual following this treatment - but only for a short time.

Ease your client's concerns and recommend the use of supporting products, especially the Promoter Cell Repair Cream, to add moisture and to support the collagen building process. If your client hasn't purchased these products, recommend a moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid to help hold on to moisture.

Also, recommend at a minimum using Stem Cell Mist to create a sealing effect to hold on to moisture. Stem Cell Mist can even be spritzed on top of makeup.

By day 7 following the PLLA Facial Filler Mask treatment, the client's skin will transition to healthier, more supple feeling skin! And, yes, you should follow up with your client around day 7. Make sure she is following good aftercare and reconfirm her next treatment. 

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