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Are you Working with the Anatomy of EACH Face?

As estheticians, we are all about using high performance skincare products and advanced technology to help our clients look their best. But there's more to it than that, right! 

Everything we do should be based on the anatomy of each face since no two faces are alike. In other words, each will present with different needs. 

Understanding that fascia impacts the work we're doing is very important. It's not something I made up for the hype. It's based on the fact. 

Let's review the facts and better understand why fascia release is important for better results with every facial. 

Facial surgeons use this same knowledge to do their work and research supports results with various methods of manual stimulation even down to the level of fascia. Using the knowledge of facial anatomy makes a dramatic difference in skincare and in aging gracefully.

First, the face is composed of skin which has three layers called the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. More on that in a minute. The face contains 5 layers consisting of subcutaneous, muscles, fat pads, ligaments and space, and periosteum and deep fascia.

The SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) is a tissue sheet of collagen and elastin fibers, and fat cells extending from the neck up to the forehead. It's sort of like a girdle for the face.

Consider this! The thickness of facial skin ranges between 1.5 mm and 2 mm (ONLY 0.07 inches!) from the epidermis down to the hypodermis. This is why I stress BEING GENTLE with fascia release. We're dealing with a delicate structure so excessive pressure could produce undesirable effects.

The outermost layer of the skin contains the main protective structure of the face, and it is the Epidermis. This layer serves as a physical and bio barrier. It prevents water loss and protects us from environmental hazards.

We want to make sure our clients are maintaining this layer of skin by using sun protection, wind protection as needed, and skincare products with ingredients that will penetrate to help it maintain healthy moisture levels. 

The inner layer of the skin is the Dermis. The dermis makes up 90% of skin's thickness. The main function of the Dermis is to support the epidermis and protect the nerves and vessels of the face from injury. It also plays a major part in wound healing. 

The layer below the dermis consists of fat and fascia and is the Hypodermis. This is the layer that gives additional structural support for the skin and insulates the face. You can feel it better from the inside of the mouth in the lower face. (gloved hands, of course)

Collagen and elastin loss (proteins needed for the bounce or tone in skin) starts in the epidermis contributing to aging or unhealthy looking skin. In addition to using skincare products that boost collagen, we can improve this layer of skin using technologies like microcurrent, ultrasound, fibroblast, and radio frequency on our clients. When collagen levels improve within the inner layers, it makes the epidermis (top layer) look better.

Our goal in the work we do with skincare is to create a cascading effect in each layer of skin, and in all the underlying parts. That is precisely what we are doing as we use skincare products and devices, and facial contouring massage techniques and fascia release.

Now when we consider the anatomy of a face, we can understand what is happening when we apply skincare products, use advanced technology, and apply facial contour massage. We boost collagen production in skin, encourage lymphatic drainage, release fascia, lift and tone muscles, and improve the client's psyche with healthier looking skin.

Patience is also required since most of what we're doing doesn't create instant results but we can be assured, it is making a difference! We must remind our clients to create a consistent skincare routine using quality products and technology regularly. Remind them, they do not expect to get instant results at the gym for the body, so we must set reasonable expectations for the work we're doing to improve skin.

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