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Are Home Use Devices Good for Business?

One of the most challenging parts of being an esthetician is having leading edge technology, so our clients leave the treatment studio looking like a million dollars. And, of course, we want them to keep coming back for the PRO level treatments we offer. So, is a home use device counterproductive to this?

Let us explore...

Over the 20+ years I have been an esthetician, I have seen technology come a long way. There has been a lot of junk come and go and there has been some science-backed technology that is tried and true. Microcurrent, for example, is a solid and effective technology. 

As estheticians, we have access to PRO level technology for which proper education and training is required. I've always loved my Jade Microcurrent and I've seen excellent results on the faces of my clients.

When the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent came along, at first, I was skeptical. I had tried others, not so pleasant and not so effective, home use microcurrent devices. Some were just... meh... and others were a waste of time and money. Long story short, I am a super fan of the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent. So much so, that I use it personally and I use it in my studio. 

I love the variable, always-on current, at just the right max amperes so there is no zapping but still enough current for an effective treatment. The design of the two probes in a handheld device allows proper positioning for lift and tone. 

When clients saw it and experienced it, they loved it and had to have it. You might be saying, if we send them home with these devices, why would they need to come back? 

I have sold thousands of these devices over the years, and I have never lost a client because they purchased one. A home use device is never as powerful as our Pro devices, so they always come back for that EXTRA level of care.

I have found that home use devices SUPPORT the work we are doing in the studio. We are partners in our client's skincare journey. The education and training we have is necessary to achieve optimal goals. Plus, there is nothing as nurturing and relaxing as a Pro treatment. Our clients lay back, relax, and for an hour of pampering as we work our magic from our special bag of tricks.

Selling home use devices does not negatively impact your business. Quite the opposite. When they get to experience the device as an add-on or part of your treatment protocol, they get to see and feel it making the buying decision an easy one.

When you make it available, your clients will appreciate you as their go-to resource for all things skincare products and technology. This is a true win-win.