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Aftercare Following a PLLA Facial Filler Treatment

Proper aftercare following a PLLA Facial Filler treatment is important. This will ensure PLLA gets as deep into the hair follicle as possible. This deep penetration begins the building process that super charges collagen production. 

Here's the steps you can recommend to your clients:

  1. Do not wash face or get the face wet for a minimum of12 hours following the PLLA Facial Filler Mask treatment.
  2. Do not exercise or sweat for 12 hours following the PLLA Facial Filler Mask treatment. Sweat will push product out of the skin.
  3. For the first 3 (three) days, avoid any exfoliation. This means no exfoliating cleansers, no acids, no enzymes, no Retin A, or retinoids, no scrubbing devices, and no firm rubbing. Use basic products during this time and be gentle.
  4. AFTER the first 3 (three) days, it is fine to incorporate a light exfoliation back into the routine.
  5. While undergoing a series of PLLA Facial Filler Mask treatments, do not do harsh chemical exfoliation, or hair removal down to the root or follicle beneath the skin. This will prevent the building process.
  6. Apply sunscreen daily.
  7. Use a nighttime moisturizer before bed.

    It's a good idea to put these aftercare steps on paper, print it, and give it to your client for ease ad peace of mind.

    IMPORTANT: Don't forget to follow up with your client around day 7 following the PLLA Facial Filler Mask treatment. This will help her be patient with the process and feel the TLC she deserves. 

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