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7 Tips to Get Optimal PLLA Results

It’s not uncommon to question your protocol when giving a PLLA Facial Filler Mask treatment if you don’t see the results you expected to get. There can be many reasons this is happening, but one of the most common is the application process itself.

Below are 7 tips to get optimal Facial Filler results with a good application.

TIP 1 – Preparation is important.
  • Don’t OVER prepare. If you do harsh or invasive treatments, leaving the skin even more stressed than normal, you can make things worse instead of better in this situation. Let the PLLA do the work.
  • Begin by doing a thorough cleanse. Using a gentle cleanser is a good idea. Using an exfoliating cleanser isn’t necessary since you’ll be doing a very light peel.
  • Follow cleansing with a maximum 20% lactic acid peel. I like SkinScript 20% Lactic Lightening Peel.
  • Remove the peel completely with another gentle cleanse.
    • Remove any wet products from your working area so you do not get any moisture on the Magic Cell Sheet.
  • While the client is drying from the prep work above, it is a good time to prepare the Magic Cell Sheets. Depending on the client’s face, you may need to cut the philtrum (between nose and mouth) piece of the Magic Cell Sheet to ensure a good fit.
TIP 2 – Don’t be stingy with the serum, it contains plenty for each treatment.
  • Generously apply the serum by squeezing the applicator tip.
  • Apply a horizontal line of serum across the forehead.
  • Apply a vertical line of serum to the left and right temple area circling under the eye to the nose
  • Using a cosmetic brush with circular movements, spread the serum in the forehead, temple, eye areas. It’s important to allow the serum to soak into the skin during these steps. Use extra serum in deep wrinkles, scars, brown spots, etc. Ensure you apply serum up into the lash line.
    • NOTE: Take care not to get serum in the hairline because it will pull during removal.
TIP 3 – Use double-stick method when applying the Cell Sheet.
  • After serum is applied to upper area of face, instruct client to keep eyes closed, then spritz face with 1 – 2 spritz of Stem Cell Mist, and very lightly 1 spritz to textured side of Cell Sheet.
  • Immediately adhere the textured side of Magic Cell Sheet to clients face.
  • Align the Magic Cell Sheet with the top of the eye brows and avoid getting the cell sheet on the brows.
  • Carefully work out all of the bubbles with your finger tips and within seconds the Magic Cell Sheet will adhere.
  • While you’re pushing out the bubbles make sure to keep your gloved fingers dry.
  • Repeat for lower portion of face, neck, décolleté.
TIP 4 – Cut the mask for easier handling (to make it easier to work with while you’re learning).
  • If you struggle getting an airtight fit, or handling the Magic Cell Sheet, you can cut the mask in smaller sections.
TIP 5 – Ensure a good seal. The Magic Cell Sheet has active ingredients in it that must come into contact with the serum and the skin. Getting a good adhesion of the Magic Cell Sheet is important to keeping the ingredients in the skin during application.
  • Begin working at the middle of the face and work outward to remove the air bubbles.
  • Again, make sure your gloved fingers are dry to avoid adding unnecessary moisture.
TIP 6 – Don’t rush drying time.
  • Patience balanced with client’s comfort is key here. Make sure you book enough time for this treatment to allow for 30 minutes of drying time.
TIP 7 – Don’t over dry.
  • Over drying will make removal painful. You should get a little pull. If too dry, don’t spray, dab Stem Cell Mist with a cosmetic brush or q-tip to loosen the Magic Cell Sheet.
  • If using Red LED to speed drying time, check at 20 minutes and never leave on longer than 30 minutes to avoid over drying the mask.

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