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5 Tips for Getting Through Crisis

At one time or another our business will go through a crisis. Collectively, many are going through a major crisis due to the Covid pandemic. Things can go haywire, but we ALWAYS have choices on how we will get through rough spots. Keep an open mind and stay strong. Here, I am sharing 5 tips I hope will inspire you. Perhaps something here will help you recover faster AND make the crisis more manageable.

  1. Stay in communication with your clients / audience / fans!
    • It is human nature to get caught up in the crisis but PLEASE do not forget to stay in communication with your clients. Depending on the size of your customer list, this may mean picking up the phone and calling them, or at minimum sending an email to let them know you are thinking about then. Let them know what your plan is. If you do not have a plan, read point #2 below. I cannot stress this strongly enough.
  2. Regroup with a NEW plan.
    • Clearly for those who are under closure orders, you cannot have clients in your studio. But you CAN see them virtually. Set up a FREE Zoom account (https://.zoom.us) and start taking virtual consultations. Keep it simple. Have your clients sit where the lighting is good, do not wear makeup, and then just listen to what they are concerned about. Provide your expert advice and recommend products online or ask them to stop by for a no contact pickup. Send a PayPal invoice to collect payment. A credit card CAN be used if your client does not use PayPal.
    • Do not be afraid to share some of your “secrets” to help your client give themselves a good at-home facial. Do not worry. They will come back because nothing feels better than having an esthetician take care of you. Right! They will be so grateful you cared enough to do a virtual consult; they will reward you with business when you are back.
    • Start giving thought now to how you are going to come back strong. The more you focus on this, and not on fear, worry, etc., the more likely you WILL come back strong. For example, will you do a postcard campaign with a special discount to get customers back? Vistaprint.com is a good place to get those. Will you send out an electronic email to announce your reopening? Mailchimp.com is good site to use for this. Will you take the time to make a phone call to get your clients back on the calendar? Will you offer a FREEBIE for those who book within the first 30 days of re-opening?
  3. Diversify – Diversify – Diversify!
    • Set up an online retail store TODAY! I could not be more grateful than to have had the wherewithal to diversity by adding an online sales component to my business a few years ago. It has been a GODSEND! It is NOT too late for you! You can quickly create an online retail store. Wix.com, NetworkSolutions.com, Site123.com, Squarespace.com, and Hostgator.com all have a FREE website builder and no coding is needed. Choose a domain name (keep it simple) and away you go. Start bringing in cash with your online product sales. Choose GREAT products and your clients will LOVE you for it!
    • Take advantage of this downtime to learn a NEW service. Consider adding waxing to your services. https://TheWaxChick.com has affordable training and she will show you everything you need to know so when you come back, you can bring in MORE business with a NEW offering. Do not want to do Brazilian’s, then do brows, lip, legs, arms! Waxing can easily add $30k – $50k to your bottom line.
  4. Get your Social Media platforms set up and post EVERY DAY!
    • Developing trust is crucial to attracting new clients. When you show up every day on social media, you remind folks you are alive and well. When you open back up, you can have new customers waiting by showing up on social media.
    • Share some great tips but also share who you are! Post in communities where your ideal client hangs out. Also, share who you are as a person. Let others know you are real and relatable. What do you love? Hobbies? Passions? Believe it or not, you do not have to be perfect. In fact, people cannot relate to perfect. So just be YOU!
  5. Do NOT Give Up!
    • I know it is hard when we are surrounded by news of yet another tragedy, another failed business, and more doom and gloom than we had ever imagined. But PLEASE hold on to your dream. Do not give up. This crisis WILL come to an end. You will recover and in time possibly become stronger, wiser, and even more successful. Remember, success is not just measured in dollars, it is measured in resilience and the things we possess that cannot be seen or measured – like family, friends, colleagues who care – and being compassionate toward others. Stay strong! You’ve got this!
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