Time Master Pro

Professional Grade Low Frequency Ultrasound with LED. Ultrasound vibrates 90,000 waves per second to activate skin metabolism and regenerate skin cells. Output is the same frequency as a laser device but the energy is low so it does not damage the skin from the laser heat.

Time Master PRO works as the ultrasound waves cause a vibration of the surrounding skin tissues, known as “cascade of inter-cellular communication.” It strengthens and lifts.

As you move the device on your skin will feel tight, almost immediately. As you pass the treated area, and throughout this process, oxygen to the cells increases and removes wastes in the pores.

The non-thermal (no heat) action of ultrasound is beneficial because of the rapid oscillation of tissue promotes movement between inner and outer cells and increases fibroblast activity and collagen formation.

IN THE BOX: Comes with adapter, collagen gel, and printed instructions.

Time Master PRO also outputs 5 LED wavelengths. (Red/Blue/Green/Multi/Multi-Flashing Mode)

IMPORTANT: This is professional grade frequency. Do not use for more than 10 minutes per day. Best results can be achieved with twice a week treatments.

Collagen Gel Ingredients Coming Soon

Complete list of ingredients and MSDS sheets available in private area for registered licensed estheticians.

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