Sculplla Facial Filler Mask


This product is only sold to licensed estheticians. This is luxurious and advanced treatment your clients will LOVE!

CURRENT PROMOTION – GET 1 FREE Sculplla Mist, CaviPLLA, Sculplla Cell Repair Cream & Sun Cushion SPF  with the FULL SIZE KIT!

Sculplla Plus H2 Full Kit includes:

  • Sculplla Plus H2 Magic Cell Lab Sheets – 1 box contains 5 packets with 5 treatments per packet for the face and neck. That’s a total of 25 face treatments.
  • Sculplla Plus H2 Cell Fit Serum – 1 box contains 5 bottles with 5 treatments per bottle. That’s a total of 25 face  treatments.
  • Sculplla Steam Cell Mist – This is to be used during the treatment process and after to extend the life of the facial treatment. 1 bottle (3.99 oz; 118ml).
  • CaviPLLA Mulit-Serum  – Used to continue the PLLA building process after the treatment, often used as a sleeping mask.
  • Sculplla H2 Cell Repair Cream – Contains PLLA + 4GF + Snail Mucus Filtrate + PGA of Plant Collagen to enhance the Sculplla beauty regimen.
  • Sun Cushion SPF 50 – Light coverage with 50 SPF and PLLA ingredients to continue collagen boosting effects of Sculplla Facial Filler treatments.

Sculplla contains Poly L Lactic Acid [PLLA]. It also has peptides like EGF which helps collagen production, skin gets brighter with use, pores tighten, blackhead are reduced, and of course it has the plumping effect (think non-invasive filler) no down-time!

PLLA enables the penetration of the anti-aging ingredients such as caffeine and niacinmide into the dermis which creates a plumping effect that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

Complete list of benefits and ingredients,  and MSDS sheets available upon registration.


See Videos Tab for a Demonstration of Application.


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