If you’ve ever said, “I do not have sales skills. I cannot sell products”, or you get the sense you might be too pushy, please read this article.

We do not have to turn into a sleazy car salesman to sell our products. The fact is, you don’t have to have sales experience for customers to purchase products in your practice. 

In this article, I share 5 tips to increase the purchase of products with ZERO sales skills and without feeling like you’re pressuring your clients in any way.

Tip 1 – Don’t Make This About You.

Beyond having your products on display in a visually pleasing manner, the first step to ensure your customers will buy your products is make them feel special from the moment they step through your door. Instead of talking about yourself, take the time to get to know your client. This is beyond what you need to know about her to provide your service.

In the moments before you begin their treatment, ask about something you know they care about i.e. family, job, hobby, health, vacation, etc. Then listen for the sake of listening and understanding, not for the sake of responding to talk about yourself.

Tip 2 – Sharing is Caring

Don’t be afraid to share your “secrets.” Giving clients more than they expect will not make them need you less, it will make them need you more. When you generously share your knowledge, you establish your credibility and it demonstrates you can be their go-to expert. So, sharing a tip about how to use self-massage to release fascia or how to use a device at home to support age management is an important part of your relationship with your clients.

Tip 3 – Acknowledge Your Client’s REAL Why

Pay attention to the REAL WHY your client has sought your services – and I’m not talking about better skin. Do you sense they’re lacking in self esteem? Are they confronting the insecurities of aging? Are they in a competitive job in the public eye where they are being judged by their appearance? Or, do they simply enjoy being pampered?

Acknowledging their unique WHY in casual conversation will make your client feel seen and heard. This creates the openness and desire to reciprocate appreciation by giving you additional business in services and product purchases.

Tip 4 – Share Your Excitement and Personal Experience

Simply share stories and your own excitement about the products you love. You don’t have to get into the Science or the nitty-gritty of every ingredients, unless a client asks. Keep it simple. Just pick up a product you love or you’re about to use on them (i.e. Caviplla), and speak about a recent customer who shared their results from using the product. OR share why you love the product. For example, “I’ve been using this product (pick it up and put in their hands) for a couple of months. I love how my skin is behaving so much better…before I used it…and now…” share those details from your heart.

Tip 5 – Be REAL

We all hate the false perfection we see in the media. Right! Don’t be afraid to be REAL with your clients. Don’t pretend you’re doing everything right all the time for your own skin. Your client needs to know it’s okay to be human. Perfection is never the goal. Aging gracefully and practicing good self-care is. Practicing implies we just keep doing the steps until we’re satisfied with the results. Some days we do it better than others – and that’s OK.

As you wrap up your treatment, place the product(s) on your checkout counter and simply say, “Would you like to take (product name) home with you today?” If they say, no thank you, no problem. Leave it there and put it away after they leave. When they say yes, ring up the purchase. You’ve got this!

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